1987 Firebird Wiring Harness

1987 Firebird Wiring Harness - i am parting out a 2002 firebird this sale is for a used rear taillight wiring harness this harness is in good working order should fit 98 02 firebird models p div class b factrow b twofr div class b vlist2col ul li div price 4 99 div li ul ul li div availability in stock div li ul div div div li adding a remote rear hatch release to a 90 92 firebird the purpose of this article is to guide you through installing a remote hatch release in a 90 92 firebird swapping from efi to a carb in camaro or firebird parts required carburetor carb intake manifold non puter controlled distributor plete either fuel rail the fuel rails are essentially the same between the years the major difference is the f body camaro firebird fuel rails vs the y body corvette fuel rails they are distinctly different and will impact how you run your fuel lines the fbody rails have a 90 176 bend towards the drivers side for.
the intermediate fuel lines to hook up to before going into the flex lines classic update series plete updated wiring systems for specific year model vehicles the classic update series is a plete wiring system in a box ron davis racing products manufactures hi performance type radiators that bolt into the factory mounts our most popular radiator builds include but are not limited to the following camaro radiator mustang radiator impala radiator nova radiator truck radiator viper radiator firebird answer it is simpile as all hell remove hoses most pliers will work to do so let it drain remove fan sheroued and air dam under radiator 4 bolts 2 at top left and right 2 at bottom left and quality used car truck parts engines and transmissions from our vehicle salvage yards do it yourself for less with recycled auto parts the b r way dakota digital manufactures digital instrumentation and accessories.
for the automotive motorcycle and car audio enthusiast lower temperature fan switches for fiero s the stock thermostat on the 85 88 v 6 fiero and 84 86 l4 fiero is 195 176 the stock fan switch does not turn on until the coolant temp hits 235 176

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